Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(13) 8 Goals 15 (16)
(11) 8 Assists 10 (12)
(6.8) 7.1 Average Ratings 7 (6.8)
27.5 Average Age 28.6
183.6 Average Height (cm) 184.5
(1.1) 1.2 Shots pg 1.4 (1)
(48%) 50% Aerial Duel Success 56% (57%)
(0.6) 0.6 Dribbles pg 0.8 (0.9)
(1.1) 1 Tackles pg 1.8 (1.6)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in World Cup Final Stage.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Ben White Out N/A
Raheem Sterling Out 6.68
John Stones Doubtful 6.72
Callum Wilson Doubtful 6.44
No missing players.

Team News

  • Ben White left the England camp recently, while Raheem Sterling has already returned home after a break-in at his home. He might return for the quarter-final showdown with France, but is unlikely to start.
  • John Stones and Callum Wilson both need assessing, however, everything will be be done to ensure the former in particular is fit.
  • Gareth Southgate used a three-man backline against Germany and Italy at the Euros, suggesting he saves the system for the heavyweight meetings in knockout football.
  • However, with momentum in a 4-3-3, Southgate may be tempted to stick with that setup here.
  • France have no injury concerns for this one, so it's unlikely Didier Deschamps will make changes to his XI.
  • That would see Jules Kounde and Raphael Varane continue in defence.


  • England eased past Senegal in the last-16, in a match that many felt they'd struggle in. However, the quarter-final meeting with France is their first real test of the World Cup, so it will be interesting to see how Gareth Southgate sets his side up here.
  • France weren't wholly convincing against Poland, and it took two sublime Kylian Mbappe strikes to break the Polish resolve. Nevertheless, the defending champions are yet to really step up a gear, but in Mbappe, have the tournament's star player at their disposal.
  • How England manage Mbappe will be crucial, but in a nervy affair, this one could well go to penalties.

User Predictions

Comments (179)

  • Howe for England...

  • Foul on Saka in the build up to the first French goal. Despite the penalty miss this should have been 1-1. Southgate needs to think about Ward-Prowse. He should have probably been playing instead of Rice, in which case W-P could have taken the 2nd penalty to relieve Kane of some pressure. Southgate's race is probably run now. If it is England should turn to Howe; not Pochettino or Mourinho.

  • What's a big deal England and penalties at crucial games in last time. Nobody could imagine how much difference would be between te execution in both penalties, because the 1st one was really good. But's it's over. As a conclusion, I liked England team overall, after all they reached one stage less than those semifinals at Russia 2018. And about players I liked WC whole perfomances from Bellingham, Xaka ( the best English player yesterday) , Kane as assistant role, Declan Rice and I'm gonna support to Macguire, I think the 2nd goal was merit to Giroud than demerit from him . In general I liked the whole team, but when the EPL comes back, I'm gonna support Licha as a central defender for MU instead of Macguire. :) I'm just kidding, talking seriously to me English team left the WC giving a nice image.

  • @dib 2nd goal was Rice's fault anyway

  • France will not win back-to-back. Mark my words!

  • You can take the man out of Tottenham, but you can't take Tottenham out of the man. You knew before he even took that penalty that he was going to miss. We can complain all we like about the terrible refereeing, but we didn't do enough to win the game. The stats make us look good; we were only ever the better team when we were losing, when the game was level France had us on toast. Southgate's genius anti-Mbappe masterplan worked incredibly; mark Mbappe out of the game and allow Griezmann to run the show and destroy all hopes of us winning. Southgate has won 1 key game; the Euro 2020 round of 16 vs Germany, he has lost the rest. That is still better than most other England managers who couldn't even get past Iceland or Costa Rica, but it's still not fantastic given the amount of talent we have on offer. Never makes changes quickly enough, Grealish on with 2 minutes to go (and then only because John Stones was injured). I'm not living the Gareth Southgate hype.

  • @joshualiley72 interesting that you conveniently ignore the fact that Hugo Lloris also plays for Tottenham.

  • @MEHJones Lloris did not have the opportunity to bottle anything considering Kane did all the bottling on his behalf

  • Worst game so far from Mbappe. England played better than France but didn't create clear chances, 2 penalties ok, but nothig more than that.

  • @Davisson They played better than France in the second half. In the first half France was slightly better.

  • I think this game was the final of the World Cup for many reasons. For one, in the Argentina Croatia game we cannot expect many goals: neither of those teams are as confident to go for the type of offensive football we have witnessed today. And the same might be true for the Morocco - France game. After today's weak defensive performance, Dechamp will probably instruct his team more conservatively, as France cannot allow to give up 2 penalties against Morocco (in fact, not even one penalty, the way they defend).

  • @Zoltan Yeah watching Maguire doing all that stunts ... I mean guy is best defender(by price) in the world ... Definitely worth watching this BS in finals ... and Kane hitting that penalty so "hard" ... wow ... "coming home" was never an option i guess...

  • @Zoltan I believe the final is the one where the hand the winner that big trophy thing.

  • @Zoltan You have such silly ideas. This the final? Why this game exactly? What has England done to deserve being a finalist?

  • @Zoltan Morocco are great at escaping high pressing, wonder how France will set up as they can switch between waiting deeper or high pressing.

  • @koziol.mutant If I were France, I would let Morocco have the ball, drop back deep and counterattack with Mbappe and Dembele: whoever drives the ball down on the wing, the other should run with him and suddenly cut back into the middle inside the box to finish the situation with a goal. Mbappe and Dembele are similar speedy players, and there's no way that the Moroco defenders could keep up with them. Also, with this counterattack strategy, Bono has minimal chance to showcase his goalkeeping prowess as the winger cutting inwards inside the box will not only cut ahead of any defender who might be there, but also cut ahead of the goalkeeper as well. In case Morocco doesn't fall for this con (namely, stays on his own playing field possessing the ball), then we are in for extra time and then penalty kicks. Unless, Tchouameni surprises us with a similar unexpected, key first goal as he did against England. The other option would be set pieces, because the 1st goal will be key in such a game

  • Puer genius! England managed to find a way to lose on penalties even before reaching the penalty shootout!

  • @BeautifulLoser Hmmm. When we invented the game we should have thought that aspect through...

  • @tinyclaw I guess you should have done that ;-)

  • England was much better statistically. France was more accurate. The difference in the game was Hugo Lorris and Harry Kane! If only Kane delivers in the critical moment as he should, now we are still watching the extra time, which I was really KANE of watching, the regular time was so good. LOL It was the best game of this World Cup!

  • @Zoltan Say that you are from England without saying i am from England ...

  • Hope Morocco keep up the giant killing and beat France.

  • @Marbella Not gonna happen.

  • Ref was shocking

  • just disappointing. we couldn't finish a lot of our chances. we pretty much were ahead of every aspect of football but somehow, we couldn't do it. i would complain about the ref not giving us our deserved 8-9 fouls but in the end, it was just us not being able to give the finishing touch towards victory. good game to france

  • England is better than 2018. Southgate must keep up the good work.

  • The game was awesome, but the ref was very poor! Kane dissappointed me: I expected him to score in that do-or-die situation. A player of his level should always deliver: the more pressure, the higher likelihood of delivery (just like the Brazilian Ronaldo used to be.....)

  • Disgusting France...robbed half of Africa blind and still half of Africa plays for them...

  • @moo13 ridiculous comment.

  • @moo13 Those players are born in France, not in Africa, they get paid fortunes to play. They aren't exactly forced to play.

  • @moo13 african muscles with european football brain is simply unstoppable

  • @Alparslan It's impossible for them to have a European football brain.

  • England better in all aspects of the game and in all statistics but lose ...

  • Ref was very poor. England were the better team.

  • @harteless no

  • @Simpleguy Yes

  • look like there will be another france vs croatia

  • @gincka No.

  • England Robbed.

  • @Geolardo they were awarded two penalties, and still lost, so, don't complain.

  • @Geolardo how?

  • @wilde ref was awful.

  • @Geolardo How many penalties you think they should have been awarded?

  • In some ways I hope France wins, just to spare us another (lost) penalty shootout.

  • @tinyclaw Would have liked to see more of this excellent game.

  • France isnt winning. England is losing. Why would you send same player to shoot 2nd pen?

  • @Ewerfekt is they used another player to take the 2nd penalty, and he missed, you'd be saying, why is he taking it when you have Kane there, who's the best at taking penalties. You're always going to have something the complain about.

  • @Ewerfekt and why not?

  • Overs never in doubt got my Portugal stake back lmao

  • @Marbella Same here! LOL Those MOFO Portuguese were beyond belief, but France-England overs saved me too :)

  • 10/1 Giroud to score a header and 10/1 Giroud & Kane to score, every cloud has a silver lining

  • Best game during the world cup do far


  • @neumi17 surely joking, I fell asleep twice during the last 10 minutes.

  • Mbappe even faster than Walker ! :-0

  • initial foul on kane was outside the box, ref should've given free kick var can't

  • @3shots if it continued into the box the referee can play advantage and award a penalty. The referee either decided that it didn't continue into the box, doesn't understand the laws of the game, or it was a let off for France.

  • @3shots Then VAR should have established that it was a free kick. This is ridiculous. Only in football can such idiocy become the norm.

  • @tinyclaw England did get a free kick against Wales for far less.

  • @tinyclaw maybe they told the ref and he didn't bother telling anyone

  • Saka should really be replaced, whether by mountor someone else better

  • @Frei98 they are scared of him, that's why he keeps getting kicked, maybe swap sides for a while

  • I think football has been wrecked by VAR now. I'd rather have the poor discretion of the ref rather than the utterly cynical corruption of the 'officials' watching the stark obvious in slow motion and denying it.

  • @tinyclaw Very, VERY well said, sir!

  • @tinyclaw VAR is the best thing that happened to football in the last 30 years. Referees still make mistakes, but it's 10x less often than it used to be. Less matches are destroyed by disallowing proper goals or allowing improper ones.

  • @tinyclaw Yup, and when VAR is removed and your team is wronged by the referee you'll demand that VAR be reinstated, typical soccer fan.


  • @Frei98 Assuming I am talking from bias is not proven, unlike the ridiculous decisions of VAR officals, and you can't argue against that. Your own cynicism is not an argument.

  • @Frei98 I used to go to EPL matches but gave my season ticket up because takes all the excitement out of scoring, now got a season ticket at league 1 club

  • @3shots you gave up your season ticket because you don't like VAR? I think you're lying.

  • @3shots I remember one match, I think it was when either Bulgaria or Romania was denied a win. Sepp Blatter was in the stadium. Around that time there was a lot of debate about allowing VAR into the game. As Blatter was sitting there, the goal was broadcast on a giant screen in the stadium, including a camera show above goal showing the ball going over the line, clearly. Everyone in the stadium, other than the ref and Blatter, could see that. THAT IS the technology that's needed. A linesman could watch a set of camera angles instead of chasing the ball along the line and squinting his eyes and immediately raise his flag, but no. Instead we have to stop the game and waste time wondering whether the officials are as blind as Blatter. Blatter, incidentally, was dead against VAR because he claimed that 10 men could have 10 different opinions about whether a ball was or was not over the line. I thought logic dictated that it could only be two opinions, but no, he was correct. Only in footer

  • @tinyclaw Blatter was corrupted as hell.

  • @tar88s and Infantino isn't?

  • Ref has a baguette under his arm and a garlic necklace

  • So far, teams that won the last 16 match easier lose in the England need to buck that pattern to win....

  • At this point, France is a clear favorite to win this title. But England has enough quality to cause an upset. This is the best England I've seen since forever.

  • @Gewoonmoi England beating France is not an upset.

  • @Ausp it is England is good in media only

  • England is a slightly stronger version of Switzerland. Very similar style of play.

  • England plays better as a team, France depends a lot on Mbappe and has some important players missing like Kante and Pogba

  • @hellreaper Looks like France plays better as a team and Mbappe is just a bonus.

  • @hellreaper Wrong! When stakes are high, no one wants to play (just remember the previous game). And it is all because the fans present in the stadium don't condemn this type unethical behaviour. Back in the day, players didn't dare to play such alibi football and coaches were all competent as well. Fans would whistle and boo out THEIR OWN players if their players would play alibi football.


  • As a Moroccan, I hope England wins this. Please make it happen. Get rid of Mbappe for us.

  • @Gewoonmoi both england and france will be difficult

  • @wdetac For sure, but Morocco has a reasonable shot against England. I feel that it doesn't against France.

  • Over 2.5 goals

  • @Marbella I am not so sure any more: look at what happened in the previous game. Morocco was extremely poor, yet Portugal managed to play even more poorly! Never in my life have I seen top players from top teams in Europe (Portuguese players) play so poorly against mediocre players from bottom teams in Europe and from second division teams in Europe (Morocco players)! Cristiano Ronaldo and Vitinha were -2 players in the 2nd half (9 vs 11)! Dalot was also a big Zero!

  • I hope that this game will have some pace and attacking prowess, unlike the previous one, in which a mediocre Morocco (with players from bottom teams of top European Championships and 2nd division players) easily managed to defend a poor 1-0 lead against players playing in the top clubs of Europe. I still cannot believe that all Portugal could do in the last 20 minutes is to center high balls onto Dias, a defender! You don't need a coach to do that against a parked bus.... You can do that without any coaching! LOL

  • @Zoltan Dias+Pepe

  • You guys really think England is favorite here? France attack is very different from majority of teams and English defence will be on serious test. Maguire big head won't be effective against France. I would prefer English to get out, but highly doubt.

  • As I've written before, Lloris has a lot of experience but he's not quite as sharp or athletic as he once was.

  • this is the early final

  • @wdetac Nah, Argentina - Netherlands was.

  • @wdetac yes, yes. Just like Spain - Germany in group stages.

  • France to qualify

  • Some people think that France is an overwhelming favourite when it has many liabilities. For one, Griesmann is still out of form. For another, Dembele is a hot and cold player who represents an enormous liability as well. Of course, the coach's job would be to assess his form and leave him out if he is cold, but as we all know, coaches nowadays are just organic decorations on the sideline: they don't think, don't take risks, and don't know how to fire up their team.

  • @Zoltan Griezmann is absolutely not out of form.

  • @Zoltan they surely are not, even piss poor tactically Poles had some chances vs France.

  • Maguire the sloth, worst fullback in the PL, will find a way to give this game to France.

  • @DonaldJTrump A maguire bullet header into the french net will seal the win.

  • @DonaldJTrump Maguire a fullback? Never heard that before.

  • @DonaldJTrump fact

  • England to reach the Semi-finals.

  • 2-1 to England in regular time

  • Its coming home or its coming back.

  • Since these teams are always scared of each other, it will be a boring, low scoring game. The Portugal - Morocco game will be much better! Mbappe should take notes from Ramos on how to score like a real forward, instead of just scoring as a winger! LOL

  • @Zoltan hope you're ok now.

  • @pkirplani ....and why Ramos didn't see the ball at all in the first half? Because almost all 66% possession time of Portugal was owing to the back line. The problem with the modern possession based idiotic game strategy is that it disregards where that possession takes place. To score, your offence must account for most of your possession, not your defence. If your defence controls the game, it means that the technically LEAST gifted division of your team controls the game: a true disaster. That's what happened to Portugal today, while that idiot was just watching from the sideline!

  • @pkirplani A coach can always screw up even a great team. How do you explain that Morocco players from bottom teams in Europe and from 2nd division teams in Europe are able to defend a poor 1-0 lead found by accident against Portuguese players who play in top teams in Europe??? P.S. Regarding Ramos, he should have scored again were it not for Joao Felix's miss ahead of him + he did not get any service from his teammates (okay, he missed one header in the 2nd half but by then I would have been all nerves as well, after what I had to go through in the first half without seeing the ball at all!

  • Under 2.5 goals @1.72

  • Argentina - Netherlands was NOT under 2.5 goals.....

  • France to qualify. All in.

  • Play in a 5 a side mode England.

  • England 0 France 0. England win 13-12 on penalties.

  • Perhaps it's a tougher game than most might think. A true early ending. If England manage to eliminate Mbappe it will be easier to move on. I believe in an overtime game after a 1-1/2-2.

  • 1-2

  • hope southgate doesnt revert to back 3(-5-2), that will be mistake

  • @haemorrhage 4-1-2-3 I would play

  • England 4 France 0.

  • @JSOneHundred Yellows?

  • @JSOneHundred lool

  • @JSOneHundred Why so many meaningless posts ?

  • England 2 France 0.

  • England 1 France 1. Mbappé to score. Walker with the winning penalty.

  • @JSOneHundred Bellingham to score also.

  • The Blues are not losing here.

  • @bopol England are the Blues. France are Green.

  • @JSOneHundred Ok, then France is not losing it.

  • 2:1/1:2 it won’t be a draw and there will be goals!

  • They meet too early, whoever wins is the candidate number 1 for the title along with Portugal.

  • @Alparslan Don't be surprised to see Morocco against Brazil in the final.

  • @Alparslan England is better team for Portugal, but if happens Will not be easy

  • @Alparslan , so Brasil is not candidate number 1?

  • @footballover England and France are the best two teams.

  • @footballover nah

  • It's a set-piece game.. 1-0 to either

  • Any team can win this match, but definitely Mbappe is French main threat, where England have 2 or 3 players who can be a real threat. If, somehow England can neutralized Mbappe's threat, England have a real chance to go to Semifinal. But that is a big IF. Walker man marking Mbappe, Stone covering Walker's loose ends, Rice to put his sight on empty area that Stone's left. Varane is French weakest link, if Kane can play nasty football to break that link, it will be easier to Foden, Saka or Grealish to storm the front. To many ifs, once again it is a big IF. I would be disappointed if Southgate choose to play 3CBs... hopefully not. May the best team win...

  • @FootballFanatics ...both teams will neutralise themselves by playing standing football Old Boys style: that's the surest way to neutralise all your strengths! LOL

  • @Zoltan We all know either you are stupid or you got pay to post stupid comment. Go back to your dungeon, cre3p.

  • Flip an infinity + 6 sided coin to decide the winner*

  • @JSOneHundred Any the teams must wear 1-11 only for this game. No subs either please. Make it a real match.

  • Flip an infinite + 2 sided coin for the winner*

  • England a bit better, but both to score best bet.

  • @koziol.mutant England are lords of football, so far NO yellow cards.

  • Correct Score 15-0. Man of the Match 1. Jude Bellingham. You won't let me vote Whoscored. That's poor form.

  • This match winner is maybe world cup win.

  • 2-2

  • Looking forward to Bellingham v Rabiot and Mbappe v Stones and Maguire :)

  • England 3 France 1

  • England 0 France 0. England win Infinity + 1 - Infinity on penalties.*

  • England 0 France 0. England win 13-12 on penalties.

  • Here is a match we've been waiting for..

  • this is very exciting, both teams have the ambition to attack & have star quality & a lot of firepower going forward, but dont get it twisted, frances greatest strength is still counterattacks, not some crazy creativity in midfield. having both mbappe & dembele is pretty devastating but poland honestly dealt with the counterattacks pretty well (even when they didnt park the bus & leave 5 players back - more like 3 which is still something) tho were still outclassed by mbappe & girouds individual quality. as such i honestly expect england to be the slightly more dominant side here. the kinda spaces and chances both teams allowed their opponents in the previous round were similar. i think englands a bit more well-rounded & rigorous but for some reason their past + frances devastating incisiveness when they get the chance makes the french more likely to win a one-off match. if early goal, itll turn into a 2-3 goalfest & open game as expected. if no early goal, 1-0 tactical closed battle