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Comments (44)

  • Fraudalona!

  • Xavi is a lousy coach, Barca has so many good players yet he couldn't even win Man U. Man U team is motivated yes but still just an above average team only a handful of world class players only unlike Barca. That's why they got kick out so early in Champions League. This year I think either Real Madrid or Bayern Munich will win the title, don't think Man City will win even though I am a Man City fan.

  • @Leokh City should've won it against Chelsea, I don't think they will get that chance again any soon considering the problems they have to deal with. "handful of world class players" That also applies for Barca, bunch of overrated players who couldn't prove themselves on a big stage yet apart from a few.

  • Idiot Xavi almost bottled it in a big game again. A moment of football genius by Raphinha saved his tactically inept a*s.

  • @Sputnik "A moment of football genius" United literally gave the ball away while trying to waste time at second goal and 20 cm shorter Fred tried to mark Alonso at first goal, Raphinha did nothing special for the scoreline.

  • @Byakuya Except score the equaliser, which keeps Barcelona in the tie.

  • @Sputnik Even if it was the winner, that wouldn't make Raphinha a football genius. All credit goes to Lewa's positioning there for dropping two players at the same time, Raphinha was rather lucky for that than special.

  • @Byakuya That's why I said "a moment" and not "Raphinha is a football genius". Also, credit goes to Lewandowski? For what??? For a goal in which he didn't even touch the ball? Don't be stupid.

  • @Sputnik You're asking questions for the part which already gives the answer, showing why you're the one who's stupid instead so you should better stop there.

  • @Byakuya Now you're just not making sense. It was Raphinha's goal, Lewandowski had nothing to do with it. I'm sure Raphinha was trying to shoot and not pass. You could see it by the way he had positioned his body.

  • @Sputnik "Raphinha was trying to shoot" If you believe that Raphinha could score with that cross if Lewa wasn't distracting others there and defenders wouldn't be able to clearance that easily, then you can't talk about what makes sense because you're a bloody idiot.

  • Top of La Liga by margin struggling against a United side with missing players and no proper sub options at Camp Nou? I will take it, United could've won if didn't change their approach after second goal but draw is also fine.

  • La Liga is weak at the moment. Barca have conceded 7 goals in 21 La Liga games and 14 goals in 7 European games. The difference is staggering. It's literally 6 times worse.

  • @Byakuya Mu will win the 2nd leg.

  • @Marbella Gavi is suspended for the next game and Pedri probably won't be fit due to his injury, United is stronger at Old Trafford already so we can say it's over.

  • Gavi is the worst diver I’ve seen in years. And that’s from someone who watches Bruno play every week

  • @normal_fan99 I hadn't noticed Gavi diving but tbh as a Barca fan, I'm kinda proud of my team's excellent diving abilities. In football you're supposed to take advantage of every little dirty scummy tactic to win at all costs bc there are millions of euros at play. Nothing pathetic about diving, in fact I wish Pendu came to Barca to teach our players his skills.

  • @normal_fan99 What are you saying ?! Gavi is one of the best new talent in europe and he is only 18 !

  • @Genie908 Ok… and he’s one of the worst divers I’ve seen. Makes it even worse honestly, seeing someone so young with so much talent playing like a pathetic loser. It was seriously shameful. Not the rolling around or complaining like Bruno always does, it was the genuine diving. Referee ate it up too

  • I bet all the Overs in a Round Robin so they're all going Under.

  • Weghorst is the worst striker. I think ManU will score most 1 goal if using this guy.

  • Over 2.5 goals in the game @ 1.95 Odds

  • @Marbella Nice Win -)

  • I wonder what made whoscored to change the prediction from 2-1 to 2-2, winning against Leeds? United fans will be happy with a draw, but not very likely. United not in a decent run of form, Rashford is. Xavi also said that they need to take care of especially Rashford, because he's one of the most dangerous players in Europe.

  • @Byakuya Barca and the Spanish media have been very respectful of MU and also seem very afraid of Rashford like you said.I see it a very attacking and passing game of goals.

  • What draw? THis is Barca ez lol

  • @SlobbaN This is Xavi, one of the worst coaches in the top 5 leagues

  • @SlobbaN 90% of Barca goals conceded are against this formation.Match will not be so "ez"

  • draw 1-1

  • Barcelona 1-0 Man Utd

  • A draw.

  • Away straight win✅ (+Man Utd ov. 0.5✅) (+Both teams to score▶️)(+Man Utd win/draw & under 4.5 goals✅) (Home to win to nil - No✅)

  • Can barca overcome their fears ? Will they play their heart out ?

  • Barcelona struggles against 4-2-3-1 formations,so X2 is very possible.

  • Over 2.5 goals.

  • Varane Shaw has to be the CB partnership for this.

  • @iq300 lewandowski can cause a lethal damage to Man Utd's backline

  • @iq300 absolutely