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Comments (35)

  • In this case the GOAT means Ghost of all time?

  • @GioMonaldo also greediest of all time

  • ak84... r u a Japanese?

  • @kos4042 so what? Are you Korean then!! sorry

  • @ak84 Trifles light as air are to the jealous confirmations strong as proofs of holy writ. -William Shakespeare

  • Korea won because their coach is Portuguese.. no surprise.. I am the Asian but those kind of play wasn’t fair play

  • @ak84 Both teams were trying to win, South Korea was simply more motivated for obvious reasons.

  • @hellreaper Portugal were not trying to win.

  • Not a 2010 revenge, but 2018 haha

  • I hope Fairfootballfan is doing okay

  • @mystic34x if he takes his pills he will


  • FIFA need to change the system. Sick of teams not trying in their last game.

  • @Forcepain What system

  • @Shiznit the arbitrary 3 points per win system, it's shit and always leads to throwaway matches when there's mathematical qualificated teams.

  • Looks like Portugal coach left Bruno on bench for stealing CR7 goal last time

  • @COACHIE you're confused, CR tried to steal Beuno's goal but fortunately we have many cameras recording the event so cheaters like him can't get away easy (they still dive and get pen tho)

  • @COACHIE Yeah ok, lol.

  • cr7 error to goal?

  • CR7 the 'Hair of God' on the line up. He will score a brace. One with his eyelashes and one with his sneeze.

  • @FootballFanatics Dude was worst on the pitch

  • @FootballFanatics so far gofted a goal to Koreans

  • x2

  • Expected prediction: South Korea 2 - Portugal 3 @ a chance of 82% Suprise Prediction: South Korea 1 - Portugal 0 @ a chance of 74% Unbiased prediction: South Korea 1 - Portugal 1 @ chance of 50%

  • Korea wins 2:0 or 2:1

  • CR won’t play a part but will claim two of the goals

  • @eastend1 lol

  • even narrow loss will do for Portugal, better to avoid.

  • Red card

  • All I know is Portugal is going to rest players and give play time to others like António Silva, Vitinha, André Silva and so on.

  • I don't think that will be the line up for Portugal. Players will be rested. I'd say vitinha will start in the midfield, and Andre Silva and Leão start in the attack.

  • Portugal to score over 1.5 goals @1.80

  • Portugal to finish the group with 9points.

  • 1-2