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  • That goal was onside and Quatar keeper should've get a red for last man tackle.Bad referees

  • @alxdru The triple/double punishment (red card + penalty + game ban) rules are changed in recent years. Last man tackle in the box itself is not a red card, if the challenge alone is not a red card offense.

  • @alxdru The keeper didn't get a red because he tried to get the ball. Correct decision by Orsato.

  • @BeautifulLoser so what ?Then we should not have yellow cards or fouls because in football everyone tries to get the ball . It's like saying it's not handball because he tried to stop the ball

  • @alxdru he as right, keeper didn't get a red because he tried to get the ball. Correct decision by Orsato.

  • Hard to believe Qatar are only 6 places below Ecuador in the current FIFA rankings

  • Where are all the idiots who said this would be a fixed game ?

  • @Marbella Qatar was too bad to even win a fixed game.

  • Qatar did not play all that bad. 0-2 is not that bad of a result.

  • @Gewoonmoi They played like total trash. Ecuador quit playing after the 2-0 (I won't blame) them and Qatar still couldn't get anyting done. They will exit the group stage with 3 Ls.

  • @Gewoonmoi What ? They played really bad considering that Equador did nothing. They didn't have a single shot on goal.

  • @neumi17 Considering it's Qatar, it could have been much worse. It's not Germany we're talking about.

  • This is easy for Ecuador :)

  • Ecuador plenty of possession as expected.

  • Qatar's money satrts to talk via VAR

  • Corruption shows its ugly face as expected

  • @Terry Jealousy.

  • VAR strikes already lol

  • X2 Ecuador not lose

  • Brighton and Ecuador midfielder Caicedo to get MOM @ 8.00 Odds

  • Rumor has it that Ecuador took $$$$$$$$$$$$ money to throw the game. Qatar is apparently going to win by 1:0 or 2:0 in the second half.

  • @Shiznit I find it plausible: Ecuador is a very poor country and as such, their leaders are corrupt beyond belief!

  • @Shiznit Stay off the drugs

  • Ecuador WIN

  • Most fans around the world will want Qatar to get knocked out quickly due to their human rights record.

  • @Marbella Their human rights record is better than most countries.

  • @Gewoonmoi no, it isn't

  • @wilde Yes, it is. It's a highly developed economy with a quite high standard of living. It's not at war with anyone and it has good relations with all of the nations of the world.

  • @Gewoonmoi this has nothing to do with human rights. Stay on topic.

  • @wilde That's the definition of human rights.

  • @Gewoonmoi lol, what? Not even close. Are you for real?

  • @wilde Life is pretty good in Qatar. It's much, much better in Qatar than it is in Brasil, South Africa and Russia. Did you object about Brasil, South Africa and Russia hosting the World Cup?

  • @Gewoonmoi Yes, I did object actually.

  • @wilde This gewoonmoi character seems to be bought by Qatar to spread propaganda.

  • First half under 1.5

  • Anyone know how many goals Qatar paid for?

  • I just hope VAR does not ruin this World Cup.

  • Btts

  • Both teams play a defensive style. Unless Qatar bribed the referee, this will be under 2,5 goals IMO.

  • Qatar double chance @1,65

  • Bet W2

  • Ecuador win or Draw

  • This is easily one of the top 3 biggest matches of the day.

  • Stay away from this because both coaches represent a defensive style that totally disregards the potential of their team and the needs of the fans (goals!). On the other hand, who knows, maybe the referee will give a little help to Qatar..... There's a lot of oil money involved and the referee could use a bit of oil money....

  • It’s 1-2

  • Ecuador is a pretty weak awayteam, most points they won at home + the usual WC corruption makes me think Qatar can win this.

  • Ecuador lost just one of their last seven outings in the qualifying rounds and that run included two draws against Argentina and Brazil.

  • 0-2 Ecuador

  • @Marbella I think Qatar will not be able to stop the fast Ecuador counter attacks.

  • @Marbella They didn't even need counter attacks because Qatar had virtually no posession:)

  • @Marbella ��

  • 0-2 Valencia to score

  • Byron Castillo is not in the squad!!

  • they practiced in a friendly and was 4-3 to Qatar, so let's try both to score, over, and a home win 2-1.

  • @koziol.mutant there are rumors Qatar win 1-0 (ht0-0) is already agreed. If it is the case, source will prove itself


  • Under 2.5 goals for me DRAW

  • Imagine betting on this match. I advise to stay away.

  • @wilde 100% stay clear, Qatar bought the entire WC, don't think they won't try and buy a single match lmao, also that combined with the fact the Host nation has never tasted defeat in the opening match does not sit well with me even trying to back Ecuador lol.

  • @wilde Agreed. Could be a boring 0-0 or could be a corrupt Qatar win......

  • I wonder, how can a referee perform in this wicked World Cup opener. I suggest Qatar will do everything to get a win vs Ecuador. Holland and Senegal will be a much tougher opp for Qatar.

  • worst World Cup opener ever followed by the worst World Cup ever, guaranteed

  • @dSquib worst regarding betting on low odds I think, but actually should be plenty of goals in the tournament

  • Qatar win or draw

  • a 1-1 draw here, Qatar won't lose their first match on this bought WC even though they are way worse than Ecuador

  • 3-0 Qatar


  • Ecuador and Over 1.5

  • Ecuador -1

  • @Yeng_Dai_Chin are you on social media?

  • ecuador win obviously

  • @Icarax 1/1