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  • The Germans will destroy England on Tuesday.

  • @Rensen well that didn’t happen. If anything England really should have won as they had the better chances.

  • @Rensen Really? The same FIRST team that could only draw with a team that couldn't qualify for the World Cup. What would constitute 'destroy'? Like they did against Brazil at the WC that time? I doubt it.

  • The Hungarian team played very well. Congratulations! It was almost 2-0, Schafer missed but wow. GG!

  • @whoscored why is the Bellingham shot on being counted as on target the last man blocked the shot in the middle of the goal if he wasn’t their it would have been in

  • You cannot help but laugh at England.

  • @Rensen England was unbeaten since twenty-two matches. Kane didn't play very well today.

  • @Rensen they were a disgrace, no heart or desire, thought they had to turn up to win

  • I think Southgate thought this would be an easy game for England judging by his team selection.

  • @Rensen well is only a glorified friendly tbh, the best moment to try new players

  • Hurricane to score.

  • @Alparslan Kane didn't play very well today.

  • Kane, Bowen & Bellingham Each To Have A Shot On Target 5/1

  • @3shots looks like Bellingham let me down

  • @3shots Bellingham had a shot on target at around 72.32 minutes but these guys don’t seem to have registered it like they do with a lot of their stats

  • @gradge190320 the defender blocked it then the keeper caught it, I was hoping they might count it

  • @3shots same here but the rules state that a shot on target is defined as a shot that goes in the goal or is stopped by the keeper or the last defender from going directly in the goal for me he was the last defender but they seem to have registered it as a blocked shot

  • @gradge190320 watched the replay and the keeper would've easily got the ball, pity the defender got in the way, not even going to bother sending the clip to the bookies

  • @gradge190320 I think the defender has to be behind the keeper for him to be counted as the last man, have not seen it again but if he is I will send the clip to the bookies to claim my money, have done it before and got paid out

  • Btts and under 2.5.

  • @Freuser so you think the score will be 1-1

  • Harry The Wizard Kane to Net his 50th

  • +1.5 goals

  • Foden has covid.

  • England to score over 1.5 goals @1.61

  • The fans will be a 30,000 children on this match. So it will be a show, a both teams to score I think guaranteed.

  • @Finucci nice idea. And good result for Hungary, i believe.

  • @wilde Thank You Friend, I hope we will win, btts not important for me but 15+ minutes is a lot of time! :D And of course I hope Poland wins against Netherlands. ;)

  • @Finucci thanks :) Will be hard, judging by their match against Belgium. Why children, what's the occasion, Children's Day? I'm watching this game on TV, looks fun for the kids.

  • @Finucci You think England will let Hungary score because they are being supported by children? Loool

  • @Lee84 Lol, You misunderstood, the Hungarian team is more motivated on this match. So on half time this both to score odds @5.0 its a very good value.

  • Hungary 0-3 England. Harry to Kane Hungary.

  • Both to score @2.5