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Comments (42)

  • Kane dived lol

  • @hellreaper As per usual.

  • @hellreaper watching it again he did have his heel clipped

  • @hellreaper he always dives and he was offside

  • @3shots this is not Salah we’re talking about and it came off a German player so can’t be offside. Clear penalty.

  • @3shots That's what I thought too

  • @3shots clearly offside before penalty, VAR got it wrong

  • How can England play so bad with that many good players ? It's almost impossible ...

  • @neumi17 the good players in their club teams make them look better than they are

  • both teams are poor, but so are most national teams at the moment, looks like another match that will struggle to keep fans interested

  • Jamal Musiala to score anytime if he starts the game.

  • @Rensen I thought he was pretty bad. Says it all about how much Germany have declined that he’s starting games.

  • @Rensen I would rather say Musiala to dribble anytime ...

  • Germany will win today. Southgate is a bad tactician and Kane is in bad form. Maybe draw but I think this German team is stronger than England.

  • Germany will be too strong in Munich for England.

  • @Rensen well they weren’t

  • england cannot do much with southgate, he is bad tactician

  • Funny the odds will always like that in this national league. X2 for sureee!kane score

  • Germany need to stop starting Werner if they wanna score goals, Havertz is the guy for that

  • @KingKeno well Havertz doesn’t score many either. He’s hardly a top level player.

  • I hope it will be a good match and a lot of goals. Btts @2.0

  • @Finucci Only if Gündogan, Musiala and Havertz replace Goretzka, Sané and Werner. Otherwise I don't expect a good game and many goals.

  • @neumi17 I thought that in your opinion Havertz is terrible.

  • @wilde He is terrible as a winger, dribbler or creative and dynamic playmaker but in front of the goal he has shown abilities.

  • @neumi17 Thanks. What do You think, Germany will win now or same X like with Italy?

  • @Finucci Hard to say, they are arch rivals and neither side wants to lose their face. So not losing is probably more important than winning. So a draw is not unlikely but I hope there will be a winner.

  • 1X

  • Double chance: X2 @1.61

  • Germany 3-1.

  • @Rensen 2-1 I think. Maybe Pengland score one.