Aerial Duel Won
- Winning a header in a direct contest with an opponent
- A pass that directly leads to a chance scored by a teammate
Average Passes
- Average number of passes attempted (short passes, long balls, through balls, crosses)
Blocked Shot
- Prevention by an outfield player of an opponents shot reaching the goal
- Action by a defending player that temporarily removes the attacking threat on their goal/that effectively alleviates pressure on their goal
- An attempted/accurate pass from a wide position to a central attacking area
- Being tackled by an opponent without attempting to dribble past them
Dribble (Successful Dribble)
- Taking on an opponent and successfully making it past them whilst retaining the ball
- Being dribbled past by an opponent without winning a tackle
- An illegal manoeuvre by a player that results in a free kick for the opposing team (does not include offsides)
- Preventing an opponent's pass from reaching their teammates
Key Pass
- The final pass leading to a shot at goal from a teammate
Long Ball
- An attempted/accurate pass of 25 yards or more
Man of the Match
- Player with the highest rating in the match
- Being caught in an offside position resulting in a free kick to the opposing team
Offside Won
- The last man to step up to catch an opponent in an offside position
Pass success
- Percentage of attempted passes that successfully found a teammate
- An attempt to score a goal, made with any (legal) part of the body, either on or off target
Shot on target
- An attempt to score which required intervention to stop it going in or resulted in a goal/shot which would go in without being diverted
- Dispossessing an opponent, whether the tackling player comes away with the ball or not
Through Ball
- An attempted/accurate pass between opposition players in their defensive line to find an onrushing teammate (running through on goal)
- Loss of possession due to a mistake/poor control
Was fouled
- Being illegally impeded by an opponent, resulting in a free kick
Set Piece Goal
- A goal that has been scored via a set piece situation (corner kick, free-kick or throw in)
Open Play Goal
- A goal that has not stemmed directly from a dead ball situation