WhoScored Ratings Explained

WhoScored.com Ratings are considered to be the most accurate, respected and well-known performance indicators in the world of football. Our ratings are currently used among media giants, bookmakers and football clubs.

WhoScored.com Ratings are based on a unique, comprehensive statistical algorithm, calculated live during the game. There are over 200 raw statistics included in the calculation of a player'’s/team’'s rating, weighted according to their influence within the game. Every event of importance is taken into account, with a positive or negative effect on ratings weighted in relation to its area on the pitch and its outcome.

An example: An attempted dribble (event) in the opposition’s final third (area of pitch) that is successful (outcome) will have a positive effect on a player's rating. Ratings that are flashing show that an event influencing said rating has just occurred. Green indicates an increase, while red indicates a decrease in rating.

*Ratings that are flashing green indicate an increase, while red indicates a decrease in rating.

The scoring system for the ratings is out of 10, starting from 6.0, with 10 being the highest score. The ratings are updated live every 30 seconds during the game. Our data providers Opta will update and adjust statistics where necessary 5 minutes after the final whistle. The statistics, and therefore ratings, are also subject to change at anytime after the game, due to any further corrections that need to be made to the statistics.

A green star will be awarded to the man of the match 10 minutes after full time. A few minutes after full time our data provider will undergo a review process to improve the accuracy of the statistics, which may result in some stats being corrected/updated. Ratings are also subject to an increase or decrease based on the number of goals a team has scored or conceded, and whether the team has kept a clean sheet at 90 minutes. Such boosts in rating are affected by an individual's playing position and their time on the pitch and will be calculated at full time.

Ratings Scale

*Premier League 2012/13 average ratings per game.